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The Inner Awe


The Inner Awe represents a learnable state of being that is the culmination of teachings and processes handed to us by the Divine Triune and that are dedicated to  enhancing the well-being of all individuals. I personally thank and welcome you to this profound and wondrous experience. As you enter and engage in these teachings and processes, you will find that the context of life expands in exponential and amazing ways. Each person who joins adds their unique light, consciousness, potential, and their experience of Spirit; expanding our collective consciousness and experience ever further. Know your presence is loved and honored in this growing movement whether you visit for a day or a lifetime. Here, you will be challenged and stretched to grow in ways that surpass any other experience. Spirit brings to us whatever it is we are ready to receive and all that is required of us to do is to show up!

With Love, Anna Lynette Kelly


Where this work is progressing: All the work presented to date via the recording sessions or the practicals, inclusive of what is to come, will be published in numerous fashions and ways: books, webinars, conferences, workshops, etc. You are welcomed to join as first witnesses to the work and to start applying these truths to your life. Contact us to learn how!


As reference, there are already over 200 hours of recorded information to date correlating to over 1000 pages of material. 


The Divine Triune Lectures - are held every Monday night from 7:30 pm to 9:30 in Oak Ridge. Love offerings are accepted. The Sessions are open and available to everyone. NOTE: We will soon outgrow our current location. Bring a notebook!


The Inner Awe Practicals are held Thursday evenings 7:30 – 9:30+ in Oak Ridge. These classes are ‘learn as we go’ styled that take the foundational teachings (new and established) and applies them to our lives. The fee to attend is $40 per person, per class.  The practicals are also channeled live. In these sessions, we are taught spiritual process and receive attunements that could be both public and private though still in a public setting. You always have the option to decline, though that is counter to the purpose and perfection of the moment. NOTE: some process are multipart and are delivered over several sessions. I do not know this until we are in it. Each experience is always an adventure and is unique to the individuals present!


That wraps up the basics with regards to joining us at the Divine Triune Sessions and Inner Awe practicals. You are welcomed and will be embraced with open arms. I look forward to seeing you personally and introducing you to this beautiful and profound work. It’s an incredibly exciting and blessed journey and I hold the utmost gratitude for being part of it.

Register here for directions!



Blessings, always,

Anna Lynette

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